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Coastal Web Services is a web developer providing web design services and SEO services for companies in Maryland in Baltimore, Baltimore County, Harford County, Cecil County, Howard County, Anne Arundel County and Carroll County. We also have web design customers in Delaware, Pennsylvania and California.

With all the options out there to build a new website, how do you select a web design company that will help you figure out what is best for you and your business? You hear the companies that brag about spending over $100,000.00 for a website project that they just launched and then on the other hand you hear how you can get a free website for your business on TV commercials by calling some 1-800 number. As a business owner or manager, you know that something free has to cost you something in the long run, whether there are hidden fees, or it just doesn't work. It may look okay and it may be easy to drag and drop a couple images, but who cares about that if you don't get any business from it!



When you think about it, our website design company is just like your business in that we have to charge a fee that pays for our staff and expenses, nothing extravagant, and a reasonable industry standard profit margin so the company can stay in business. We have been providing computer technology services since 1993, so you can rest assured that we will be around awhile longer. Some web design companies have all these fancy slick designs and huge price tags and then realize it's not just a slick look that helps their customers. Before you know it, the web design company calls it quits and leaves you hanging with few options. It does take talent to do a good job for our customers, so we are not the cheapest website design company out there, but we are also very reasonable with our fees. Although it has happened, we rarely lose a customer because of our design or our results. We care about our customers and go that extra mile to make sure they have a successful online campaign!

Website Designers Harford County Maryland

Initial Appointment

At our initial appointment, we meet with you to first find out what your goals are for your website project. We ask a reasonable amount of questions to get a good idea of what will work best for your business. We have been doing this long enough to know that each industry/business is a little different and we need to build a plan based around those needs. As a custom web developer, we do not practice a one-size-fits-all mentality. We can help you choose the best option for you and your business at this time in your business cycle. We can offer you services from the inexpensive solutions for a start-up business up to the more robust features that a larger, more established business demands. We can help with basic web designs to custom web designs or Content Management System Websites to sites with a shopping cart for online purchases.


Our website design company has helped enough businesses with their web page designs to know what the project entails, so in most cases we can get you a quote for your project at our initial meeting. We know your time is valuable, so we don't play the sales game of setting up a second appointment and pressuring you to sign a contract before we walk out the door like some car dealers do. We treat you with respect and offer you a great product for a reasonable price. Chances are, we have a business in your neighborhood where we developed their website, so you can talk to them if you want a reference.

Web Design Process

Our web developer completes your web design in 3 phases. During the phases you may review your website online as we provide a link to your design while it is under construction. We have a write-up on our 3 phase website design process.

Phase 1 is the look and feel of your new website design. We take that image (your new website look) back and forth a couple times to fine-tune the design to your liking. Once you approve the design (no real text or pictures yet-just the look) you email us saying the "design is approved" in whatever verbiage you use to complete Phase 1. If any changes are made to the structure of the design, after you approved the design, changes to the design will be billable at our normal hourly rate.

Phase 2 is where we then slice the site design into web pages and start entering your text and pictures into the design. You can look at the design in this process online at any time to see your progress. You are responsible for providing the text for your website unless you purchased our text writing option. I would highly recommend purchasing that option if you have never written for websites in the past. It is a technique of writing that is different than writing brochures, as you now have search engines as an added audience and they are extremely picky about the text they track. Also, you will need to send us pictures for your site as well. Click Here for some more details about pictures for your website!

Phase 3 is where we backup your old site, if applicable, upload your new site to your hosting area, test your web form(s) and make sure your pages and links are working.

30 Day Grace period

For up to 30 days you can send us basic text updates at no extra fee. This is not complete reloading of the text or design, just minor issues that neither you or Coastal Web found before we launched. It doesn't happen often, but if something slips through the cracks, we want to get that fixed for you.

Follow Up

Once your site is live, your online work is not done. The web is an ever evolving beast and needs to be fed regularly. We will follow up with you monthly, quarterly or annually based on your needs.

Custom Web Design

Our website design company works closely with you to tailor your web design to your organization, and set you apart from your competition with a professional, attractive website design.

CMS Web Design

Our web developer can add a content management system to your design so you can update your own website. There are pros and cons to this type of design, so it would be best to meet to discuss which type of web development meets your specific needs.

Mobile Web Design

A mobile web design is a scaled down version of your main website. It will have fewer pages and be easy to read on a mobile device. Your customers will not have to expand the text to be able to read your pages. Mobile traffic has doubled since 2012, so it may make sense to add a mobile website to improve your customers' experience. Contact us at 410-410-9390 for more information!

Web Design Options

Website extras are some of the additional features our web developer can include in your website design. Examples include Flash Design, Photo Gallery, Online Video, Text Writing, Shopping Carts and more.

Website Updates

Even the best web design needs updating once in a while. If you want customers to keep coming back to your website, you need to provide them with new information, such as seasonal specials, new project photos, newsletters, or even a new web page design for a part of your business that has changed.

Web Design Terms

Web Terms Coastal Web Services knows that web design terms can sound like a lot of mumbo jumbo. We break it down so it's easy to understand what things like SEO, search engine optimization, web programming, and mobile web design can do to help you grow your business.

First of all thank you for purchasing a new website! We really appreciate your business! Our goals is to complete your website within 60 days but the reality is we can have your site done in most cases within 4 weeks if you send us all your text and pictures the same day you sign the contract. Yes that's right, it's the text and pictures that usually hold us up and that is your responsibility unless you have hired us to provide that for you. We want to help you with that so here are some helpful tips. Please let us know if we have missed any points on this and we will look at adding that info to a future sheet.

We usually get several questions asked that may not have been covered or emphasized when we first met to discuss your web site needs. It is important that we are all on the same page so we can deliver your new design in a timely fashion. Let's get right to the details. What you need to do immediately:

  • Finalize what the page names will be. We try to finalize at our initial meeting but sometimes a customer is not exactly sure on all the pages especially if they are new pages.
  • Send us your logo to
  • If you are getting a specific picture on the home page send that to us immediately so we can incorporate into Phase 1 of
    your design
  • Send us your text
  • Send us your pictures
  • Review your design at any time at:
  • Review the Phase 1-Phase 3 Chart if you have any questions about our website design process
  • Call or email us with any questions or concerns

Send us the text for your pages
If you are writing the text yourself then get started on this immediately. It is a time consuming task and it cannot always be done during normal business hours as you have your normal every day work to do in that time. If you find you are struggling to get this task done then you should consider contacting us for a quote on one of our text writers to assist you with this. When we write the text for your site it is completed within 30 days in most cases.

"What is the best way to compile the text?"

1. Start a Word document and type out the names of every page on your website
2. Go to each page and write a bullet point as to what you want to say on that page
3. Save your file early and often. You don't want to lose any of your brainstorming ideas
4. Once you have the bullet points written for that page use those bullet points to write the text for that page
5. Continue that process for every page as it is easier to write/complete one page at a time
6. No need to write text for the contact page if we are putting a form there
7. The home page should summarize what you do and where you do it
8. The about us page should cover details that state you are qualified for what you say you can do
9. The rest of the pages need to be descriptive information for that pages topic
10. Once you are done writing the pages text wait a day or two then review all the text
11. Word will let you know if you have a spelling error if you see a red underline (except for names)
12. Word will give you a green underline in a text area if it thinks grammar needs work
13. Save your word document
14. Send us an email with the word file as an attachment to your email:

"How should I send you my logo?"
The higher the quality of the logo the better. If have a couple copies of your logo in different formats, go ahead and send us what you have. We will determine which one has the best quality. Prefered formats are: .ai .eps .pdf
Email us your logo to:

Send us pictures for your website
You have 3 options for this:
• Send us pictures you have taken or have paid a photographer for use on your website
• Send us pictures that that your suppliers have given you permission to post on your website
• Buy pictures from a website that gives you permission to use pictures on your website
NOTE: Stealing pictures from the Internet is not acceptable as you do not want any legal issues with your website! Yes people do that but it can come back to bite you.

"How do I send my pictures?"

Method A
1. Create a blank email and attach 1, or possibly more, photos to your email program (Max file size per email attachment is around 7 mb)
2. In the text area of the email specifically tell us the page that that photo will go on and what the photo is. You may know what a excavator model 6700 is but we probably wont
3. Label the photo where you want it on the page if there is more than 1 picture per page. Before & After photos have to be labeled. (Ex: excavator-before-1.jpg)
4. If you are not sure how to do this correctly then call us for more details or use Method B
Method B
1. Create a folder on your computer with the name of your business
2. Go into your new company folder that you just created then create a folder for each of the pages names of your new website
3. Copy the picture from your computer or your camera and place it in the appropriate new folder for that page
4. Label the photo what it is and give more details if there are more than 1 photo for a specific page
(Ex: before-shot-excavator-1.jpg)
5. Once you have copied all of the pictures on to the folder recheck to make sure all is correctly labeled and placed n the correct folders
6. Copy the main company folder onto a flash drive or a cd and mail to us. We will not return the disk so make sure it is a copy.

Note on pictures: The picture should be the same file size as when you took the picture. If you reduce the file quality then it may show up grainy. If a picture you send us is only 2" by 2" we cannot make that picture any larger than the size you send us without degrading that image. We come across that once in a while as an older site may have some really good pictures but they are too small for the new site. You may need to retake that photo or try to find the original.

Web Extras

The best website development companies design sites where the visitor can tell someone took the time and effort to design a web site that is not only attractive and informative, but easy to navigate and up to date.

Our web designer can include cutting edge add-on features that can help make your web site among the best websites for your area of business. We can include these add-on features to make your web site more interactive for your visitors, allowing for your business' information, message and products to be better perceived and more memorable. Our website development team can include one or more of these web extras.

Best Websites extras Harford County MD

Coastal Web Extras Include:

Text Writing

Well-written text on your web site can make the difference when a customer is choosing between your business and your competitor's. Misspelled words, poor grammar or confusing text can be a turnoff. Not everyone is a writer or has a way with words. Our text writer can take your thoughts and put them into a clear and concise form to get your message across, giving you the time to focus on your business.

Flash Design

Flash Design can take your web site from boring to interesting and interactive with movies, videos, slide shows and animation. But Flash needs to be used wisely. Too much Flash can distract from your company's message.

Web Programming Gallery Baltimore County

Photo Gallery

The saying goes that "A picture is worth a thousand words." If you run a business where a photo gallery or portfolio of your work is important for prospective clients to see, our web designer will be sure to include this all-important feature in your website design.

Google Directions & Maps

The best web sites make it easy for the user. Including directions and maps on your web site means the prospective customer doesn't have to leave your web site to find out how to get to your business.

YouTube Videos

Some of the best web sites use YouTube Videos to demonstrate how their product works, or to show their business in action. Our web designer can create a web site for your business that incorporates YouTube videos you might want to use.

Secure / Captcha Contact Forms

Nobody likes spam, or automated postings that can clog your site. We can design a website for you that will eliminate these security problems.

Web Programming

Web programming such as Shopping Carts, Online Surveys, RSS Feeds and Username/Password Protected Areas can make your web site more interactive and up to date, as well as generate more business through online purchases. We can design a website to include just one of these web programming features, or all of them.

And more…

Coastal Web Services is a website development company that delivers the best websites to Maryland businesses in Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, Carroll County, Cecil County, Harford County and Howard County, including the cities of Arnold, Fort Meade, Glen Burnie, Linthicum, Odenton, Pasadena, Riviera Beach, Severn, Severna Park, Annapolis, Baltimore and surrounding areas.




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